Fill Your Basket

Christ came to give a gift
Which is the gift of grace
That changes your life 
To finish the race.

The gift of salvation
That is unearned
Or undeserved
But is confirmed.

It’s what He chose
On the cross to do
But then He arose
With new life for you.

So loosen up,
Move your legs,
And run like a child
Claiming your eggs.

Filling your basket
With food for the soul.
A drink of the Spirit
That makes you whole.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 04-09-2023

Photo – Easter 2023

Poem Inspired by Sermon of Ryan Barnett, 04-02-2023

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3 Responses to Fill Your Basket

  1. Happy Resurrection Sunday. He is risen.

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  2. ladysheepdog says:

    My basket is overflowing – thank You Jesus! Blessings upon you Mark.


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