Encouragement To Carry On

Like a reservoir of water that collects from rain or from melting snow to create this amazing lake named Lake Tahoe, we need to store up the Word of God for encouragement to carry on day by day. We have good days and bad days just like David who needed encouragement when he wrote Psalm 61.  

He was distressed from fighting enemies and his feelings were distant from God as he called from the ends of the earth but his heart grew faint (v. 2). He expressed his trust in the Lord (v. 3-5) and requested that God come near so he could protect against his enemies.

I’m reminded today of a story I once heard about the rebirth of a bald eagle. A bald eagle can live up to 70 years but to reach this age, it has to make some tough choices. At the age of 40, its long talons can no longer grab prey and its beak starts to bend so it begins to starve. Its heavy wings stick to its chest causing difficulty when trying to fly. It has a choice, to die or go through a painful process that takes about 150 days.

The bald eagle that chooses to live on, flies to a mountain top. Starts to knock its beak against a rock until it breaks. Then waits for it to grow back. After the new beak forms, the bald eagle starts to pluck out its talons and then the heavy feathers on its wings. After about 150 days, the bald eagle takes its famous flight of rebirth and can live for another 30 years.

In today’s reading, David was at a turning point in his life. He prays for strength and security so he could be king for an extended number of years. In return for answered prayers, he promises to praise God each day through the good and the bad times.

This day with You Lord, sometimes we reach a turning point in our life. We need to follow Your way so all will be fine. We can then soar like an eagle and roar like a lion. Help us each day to take advantage of opportunities to do what we need to do to take our flight of rebirth. To fulfill the purpose You have for us … In Jesus name. Amen.

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4 Responses to Encouragement To Carry On

  1. What a great story about the bald Eagle. Thanks for the encouragement.


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  2. ladysheepdog says:

    I’m not sure how to apply this post as the story is not fact based.


  3. Pure Glory says:

    Mark, although the story about the eagle rebirth is inspiring, it is not true. I too heard this story but found when I researched it, there was no truth to it. The longest living eagle reaches age 32 years. They do not have a rebirth process as they would starve to death. Here is a link to one source but there are many rebutting this. https://mnbound.com/eagle-blog/2012/5/16/the-rebirth-of-the-eagle-story.html


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