Endure Distress So He Can Bless

The reason for leap year was to adjust the calendar so the seasons would not be totally out of whack. The picture above was taken during a winter storm in 2021. The picture below was taken during the summer of that same year.

In a short time, great transformation can occur. With God by our side, we can set out each day to make minor adjustments in our life so that we become in sync with His way. It may be simply tweaking our daily routine.

Reading in Psalm 60, we note that Israel was out of sync. They had been slipping and suffered defeat after defeat until David began to pray and provide the leadership they needed. It was then that the Lord gave David victory wherever he went. Many nations with great influence in the Mediterranean world succumbed to David. With the spoils of war, David dedicated silver, gold, and bronze to the Lord.

Prayer gives us a chance to have an open exchange with God who believes in us and is interested in our future. He gives us a plan but it is up to us to fulfill our obligations towards the attainment of that plan.

With God we will gain the victory but we also have a part to play. We need to be disciplined enough to go to God in prayer, work the plan, and be patient as God sets things up for the plan to be carried out.

This day with You Lord, we pray that we surrender all to Your will. Day by day, little things change and over time, a complete transformation occurs. These small changes lead to amazing results if we are disciplined and put our trust in You. Help us to endure distress so You can bless in Your perfect timing. Amen.

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9 Responses to Endure Distress So He Can Bless

  1. Peace Truth says:

    That is so interesting, I learnt something new today. Thank you Sir I shall treasure this post Amen 🙌✝️🪔

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  2. I needed this today. Thank you for sharing. It is just the nudge I needed to not give up!

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  3. Reaseaorg says:

    Wise words certainly. Following a plan through is truly vital for achieving gods wish 🙂


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