Celebrate the Victory

Baylor 30 Texas 10 – Last game at Floyd Casey Stadium

Have you ever noticed how enthusiastic the crowd is at a sporting event? Some people paint their face or dress up in weird outfits.  The picture was taken after a Baylor beat Texas in the final regular season football game in 2013. It was a freezing day but the fans stayed in the cold until the final play because they wanted to celebrate the victory. When we celebrate before the Lord, we should be even more enthusiastic because the Lord is leading us to the victory of all victories.

Reading today in 2 Samuel 6, the ark of God was being transported to Jerusalem or the city of David. Uzzah was in front to help guide the oxen but as they came to an uneven place along the path, the oxen stumbled and Uzzah reached out to steady the arc. No one was allowed to touch the arc so Uzzah was killed on the spot because the Lord’s anger burned against him (v. 7).

Uzzah had shown disrespect to God by touching the ark and his life served as a warning to others that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Let us be mindful of the mistakes of others as warnings in our own live so we learn the lessons needed to live a long and happy life.

The ark was taken to a new location because David was afraid. After some time, the person who took care of the ark was blessed so this gave David the courage to then transport the arc to the city of David hoping for the same blessings. They would take their time as they took a few steps ahead and then would offer sacrifices. They were extremely careful and took their time but step by step finally got the ark of the Lord to the city of David.

Much like in a parade, David expressed his zeal along the route by leaping and dancing as the arc was transported (v. 15). On the other hand, the daughter of Saul named Michal had been watching the parade from her window and objected to David’s zeal because she thought it was excessive and undignified. We note that David’s celebration was acceptable before the Lord but Michal had no children to the day of her death (v. 23).

This day with You Lord, we gain experience each day knowing there is a right way and a wrong way to live out our life. Help us today to take in the lessons from Your Word. To learn from our experiences and the experiences of others. Help us to listen to the Holy Spirit guiding our steps so that when we get to where You are leading, we can celebrate the victory in Jesus name … amen.

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2 Responses to Celebrate the Victory

  1. This is an amazing account. Thanks for the great reminder. “This day with You Lord, we gain experience each day knowing there is a right way and a wrong way to live out our life.”

    May we listen to God and walk in the right way.

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