Poetry Friday 12-02-2022

A poem posted at my other blog Step Ahead is inspired by the post with the same title at this link. The takeaway in today’s passage is that when facing difficulty, don’t get discouraged but remain optimistic. The Bible tells us who wins so place your bet on Jesus, be inspired by how Jesus suffered and ultimately became victorious, don’t get angry, don’t blame others for current difficulties, or worry but have hope and claim a bright future.

After college, I traveled for three weeks in Europe with a high school buddy and took this photo of the Swiss Alps. Our Creator produced a masterpiece when He made the Swiss Alps. Thinking about this photo, I’m reminded of the song Greatness of Our God by Newsboys. Some of the lyrics go like the following:

In awesome wonder,
He reigns forever.
No one can stop Him;
His power is endless
And He lives within us.
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