Put Faith Into Practice

Guadalupe River Near Gruene Texas

The photo is the Guadalupe River near Gruene Texas. We can see that the water keeps flowing just as God’s grace keeps flowing and flowing. The Spirit then prepares our hearts and minds for God’s Plan. We can reflect on the past so we can go forward using our experiences to build on this plan as we put our faith into practice.

Even though we collect knowledge from God’s Word and gain wisdom, we still need to apply our faith. Through prayer, we can determine our specific purpose in this world, write out goals to meet this purpose, and apply our faith towards attainment of these goals as we set out each day to give God all the glory.

From the beginning of the book of Job, we know that Job had lost his children, his livestock, and his property. Then he was subject to more trials with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head (Job 2:7).  Job’s friends said that he was being judged for sin he committed so Job wanted a chance to defend himself because he believed he was a righteous man and didn’t deserve to be judged.

In Job 42, recorded is that Job has not only heard God but now has seen God (v. 5). Job is convinced that God can do all things and that His purpose will be accomplished. Job had listened to God and all the questions but had not understood so he now repents with the following statement (v. 6):

Therefore I despise myself 
	and repent in dust and ashes.

This reminds us of Ash Wednesday and the beginning of lent when we recognize shortcomings and repent. For forty days, we prepare for Good Friday and then Easter morn dawns. Our hearts and minds are prepared for God’s Plan for Us. We can reflect on the past so we can go forward using our experiences to build on this plan as we apply our faith in our life.

Reading further in this passage, Job’s life turns around as he reunites with his wife, he has more children, his friends help him, and God blesses him with twice as much wealth as he had before. He lives to be an old man full of years and gets to see his children have children for four generations (v. 16-17).

So to wrap things up in our study of the book of Job, we note that the Earth was created by God but Adam and Eve were deceived. Humanity became separated from God but through repentance and acceptance of Jesus, our relationship with God is restored. This study of Job has provided new and reinforced knowledge of the Word of God and gives us insight into His ways so that we can be put our faith into practice.

This day with You Lord, we pray that grace flows internally into our heart. Then naturally flows outward like a stream of water with thoughts and ideas about how to put our faith into practice. This new and glorious day, we reflect on the past to gain more thoughts and ideas as we step ahead with experiences to build on. We accept Your plan for us and will put into practice our faith so that we glorify You in all we do. Amen.  

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3 Responses to Put Faith Into Practice

  1. Great study of Job brother. Our encounters with God must lead to repentance. God is God. We must not challenge Him.

    Thanks for all the insight.

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