Step Ahead to Victory

The kids next door created what’s in this photo as they were at home during the Coronavirus outbreak in March 2020. Faith, hope, and love are so important when faced with hard times. They are the plays to the playbook as we step ahead to victory.

Reading today in Job 35, Elihu tries to answer more questions from Job who wants to know why he is the target and why his sins are not forgiven. Elihu brings out the point that God does not need us to be righteous but we need to be righteous for our own benefit. So the thought of Elihu is that we are losers because of sin but become winners if we are righteous.

Elihu gives some reasons for why God may disregard our cries for help. Maybe prayers are not always answered because God has bigger plans. Sometimes a defeat leads to even greater wins for the future; especially if a person is humbled and takes the loss as inspiration to work harder. To get the ultimate win of the season, it’s up to us to practice the correct plays so we can execute them when needed.

We can be thankful for the ultimate play in the playbook that brings final victory. It’s like the Super Bowl victory that is obtained by simply calling the ultimate play in God’s playbook. We face so many challenges and we need our most valuable player (MVP) named Jesus in the biggest game of the year. He executes the playbook to perfection.  

This day with You God, we are thankful for Your playbook. Help us to be disciplined so we execute the playbook in the right ways like Jesus who executed it perfectly. Your plan for us always brings victory in our life and as we take on the challenges of our day, we pray for Your power to be at work as we put our faith in practice. Amen.

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  1. Amen! “We can be thankful for the ultimate play in the playbook that brings final victory.”


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