Reward of Heaven

We seek You every day; 
In in You we believe,
Thankful for Your provision, 
And grateful for all we receive. 

Today, we are reading Job 30 and remembering that Job’s past included a large family and significant wealth.  In his past, he rescued the poor and the fatherless, and was the father of the needy. People listened to his advice in the past but in the present, he has lost everything; his family, his wealth, and health.

Job’s friends no longer respect him like they did in the past. In fact, they detest him and even his family has turned against him so Job is discouraged. He feels like he’s being punished for his past faithfulness to God instead of being rewarded so he complains about his sufferings and that he has lost everything.

We may feel the same at times but we must not live in the past or dwell on the present but focus on our reward in heaven. The rewards of this world are temporary and easily lost but our sure gift is that our Redeemer lives. Blessings always lie in the strength to keep striving because in the end, all our troubles will subside. At the end of a life that has accepted Christ as Savior is the reward in heaven that is beyond what we could ever envision. We become heir to God’s rich treasure of eternal blessings.

This day with You Lord, we remember the past, we receive grace in the present, and look forward to the treasure of eternal blessings. The cross changed everything and someday our troubles will subside. Our soul is safe and we look forward with joy because our Redeemer lives. Amen.

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  1. This is it: “we must not live in the past or dwell on the present but focus on our reward in heaven.”


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