Valuable Treasure

We continue this day with God taking in the treasure of His Word. Collecting knowledge and wisdom and sharing the wealth with others. Growing rich in grace through Christ the Son and unifying as one. Holding on to what we know but then continuing to grow so we learn more each day of God’s love. Then living this love out by applying our faith and sharing with others.

Within Job 28, this description of mining serves the purpose of communicating how much trouble people will go through to obtain the treasures of this world. If people go through that much trouble for valuable things of this world, shouldn’t they be willing to go through much more to obtain the treasures of God’s wisdom which has value that stays in the possession of a person throughout eternity.

Technological advancement is from human ingenuity and God has made people with great skills. The only problem with technology is that it has flaws at times and there is a need to constantly change to keep up to date. The wisdom of God is divine in nature and never changes. Once you’ve connected to God, you have access to more wisdom than the internet ever thought about having and with accurate information unlike the misinformation we seem to be getting nowadays from our media.

The lesson taken from this passage for me is that the value of God’s wisdom is greater than the valuable resources like gold that a miner searches for. We can discover God’s revealed wisdom by reading His word, sharing with others, prayer, and listening to the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to collect this valuable treasure, organize it, and share it with others. That way more and more will understand and apply this wisdom.

This day with You Lord we set out to mine for Your precious resources found in Your Word. We listen now to the Holy Spirit to take in the valuable treasure. Help us to organize this treasure in our thoughts in such a way that we apply our faith and are able to effectively share with others. Amen.

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3 Responses to Valuable Treasure

  1. Great summary: “the value of God’s wisdom is greater than the valuable resources like gold that a miner searches for.”

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