Delight in the Things of God

One morning, I drove to work and saw a double rainbow in the sky. I got out of my truck and started walking up the hill to my office when I realized that I left my badge in my truck so I walked back to my truck and noticed the rainbow again. This time, I took a few seconds to aim my smart phone to get a shot of the rainbow. If we focus on God’s beauty, we are able to make it through anything and realize that at the end of the rainbow of life, there is a pot of gold because those who give up what’s in the world and follow Christ, receive eternal riches in the kingdom of God.

Today, I’m reading Job 27 and have noted that Job and his friends came to different conclusions even though they had the same facts. The reason I believe is because they were looking at things from two different perspectives.

We can look at the situation now knowing that Job became a target of Satan because Satan believed that God gave Job all his wealth but God knew who Job was so he allowed Job to be tested. Even though Job had walked the walk, was a family man, and a godly man, he lost everything and Job’s friends thought he was being punished by God.

One value taught today for me is that if pressured to be deceitful or ignore facts you know are true, delight in the things of God and keep His values. Have respect for authority but stand up for yourself and be a reformer for present and future generations.

There is also the value taught today about focusing on the forgiveness and kindness of God in paying our debt. Do this in order to forgive and be kind to others. Ask God to expose flaws in your thinking by going to the Him in prayer and reflecting on His Word for lessons in order to better handle the challenges of the future.

Another value taught is to give total attention to God’s instructions because obedience matters. Have faith that God knows what is best and applying this faith is what will truly be satisfying. Know the principles taught by Jesus, pray for instructions on a daily basis and follow one step at a time.

We come to You today Lord and are thankful for the signs you give to assure us about the future. It may be a rainbow, a sunrise, or sunset. Because of Jesus, we have Your Spirit inside to guide us along the path and are prepared for the challenges ahead. Today, we have opened Your Word, received some lessons, and are ready to apply Your principles in our life. Amen.

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4 Responses to Delight in the Things of God

  1. Obedience is the key: “Another value taught is to give total attention to God’s instructions because obedience matters.”

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  3. Wow! What a brilliant, insightful blog you have. I am grateful you discovered mine so I can be inspired by yours. Looking forward to reading many more, Blessings back my new friend and follower, 🙂

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