Purpose of the Journey

This day will be amazing because we are totally focused on the purpose of the journey and are following the road map by organizing thoughts from God’s word, documenting them, and sharing with others to offer encouragement.

Today, we are reading in Job 21 and note that Job regards the second speech of Zophar as mockery. He simply wants his friend to listen to his complaints and support what he is going through. Zophar doesn’t understand that Job is complaining to God for letting evil people experience wealth and happiness. The facts as Job sees them is that even though the wicked rejected God, Job says they have what he does not. They have security, they have prosperity (v. 7-16), and they seem to never suffer (v. 17-22).

We don’t have to completely understand God’s ways. Even Jesus had questions before going to the cross but He just followed God’s purpose for His life. Fulfilling our purpose on earth may not lead to fame and happiness. In fact, fulfilling our purpose on earth may bring tremendous challenges but the difficulties we face are short term.

God’s plan for us gives each of us the power of the Holy Sprint and when we mix this power with the teachings of Christ, we each can be led to a bright future. Beyond life on earth, there is life eternal which blesses beyond our imagination.

We don’t have to follow corrupted leaders of our day. Instead we can follow the Way and be led by the ONE true God who purifies the corruption of the world one person at a time. The result is better people, better neighborhoods, better states, and better nations.

This day with You God, we don’t completely understand all of Your ways and sometimes we have questions but we know You are leading us in the right direction. You want us to have so much more than this world can give. This day, we have paused, reflected, and have chosen Your Way that will lead to the place we can only imagine. 

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  1. This is so important! “We don’t have to completely understand God’s ways.”


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