Second Wind

Running long distances can be a struggle as the body gets tired and it feels that every stride becomes harder and harder. Many long distance runners talk of getting a second wind that pushes them on to victory.

Reading today in Job 16, we note that Job is worn out, his household has been devastated, and he believes God has deserted him. His friends do not understand his situation and Eliphaz blames Job for his hopelessness … saying that his sin has brought it on. Job’s friends compounded rather than eased the problems by not listening and showing sympathy.

Job counters the accusations of Eliphaz by letting him know that the advice he is giving could be said by anyone but without ever actually going through what he has gone through, there is no understanding. Job tells Eliphaz that his advice doesn’t help his situation at all.

Job has gone through much pain and it’s hard to accept the old adage “pain is gain” in many circumstances we face in life but as we read today’s passage, the tone can change as it does in verses 18-21 as Job seeks an advocate in his predicament. An intercessor to plead for mercy and a friend that will make things right before God.

Today we know that our friend is Jesus who came in the flesh from up above to down here on earth. He understands our situation, He suffered on the Cross, and all who believe in Him will be saved. Our weaknesses will be replaced with His power. We will be given the second wind to go the distance and finish the race victoriously.

Lord as we read today’s passage, this broken world can be discouraging and wear us down. We face health issues, financial problems, broken relationships, and loss of loved ones but You have given us a second wind with more power than we could even imagine. You bring recovery and hope to become forever better. We can endure distress because we know You will bless. You took it all on and the cross fulfills the plan to step ahead to victory. Amen.

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  1. This is it: “Today we know that our friend is Jesus who came in the flesh from up above to down here on earth.” Thanks for the encouragement.


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