Poetry Friday 5-20-2022

Today’s poem posted at my other blog Step Ahead is inspired by “Fulfilling Our Purpose Out of Love”.  Jesus’ ministry is not in the procedure but in the person of Christ who creatively used the sense of touch in healing a man who could not hear. Our obedience to Jesus has an effect on others so let us take special interest in others to creatively build them up and help them understand spiritual matters.

The photo was taken before a July 4th parade in my neighborhood in 2009. The kids on their bikes now have their own cars. Some have gone off to college. Some neighbors and their families have moved to different communities but we stay in touch and continue to build memories.

Take inspiration today from the song What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong Worship. The word at the beginning hidden in creation became a person named Jesus. Death could not hold Him and He was raised to life again. There is no rival or equal. The name above all names and nothing can stand against. What a powerful name it is … the name of Jesus!

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