Warm Hearted Spirit

One practice I started a while back was taking notes when I listen to a sermon. I then will record the main thought from the sermon that can help me to apply my faith. One of these thoughts from the sermon of Pastor Steve Ramsdell on May 31, 2015 was that we all were led to faith by someone who shared about God’s Son. The kindness of inviting and connecting through the power of the Holy Spirit keeps on affecting a society. Those in need receive and more begin to believe as we use our God given gifts to serve. Then more begin to observe the warm-hearted spirit of Christ followers and want to get started themselves.

Job talks of his sorrow in Job 6. The anguish and misery he is going through because of losing everything. His children, his livestock, and his property. Then, he is afflicted with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head (Job 3:7). 

He expects his friends to be able to give advice but instead their thoughts are on why God is punishing Job. They don’t understand that bad things can happen to good people and it may not be their fault. When bad things happen, people need someone to listen and offer a kind word; a warm-hearted spirit to encourage them.

Think of ideas for being warm-hearted so you help others trust God more in difficult times. The best way to manage societies problems are with neighbors helping neighbors. Like ripples in the water, acts of kindness may seem small at first but eventually they make an impact in the world around us.

This day with You God, we understand that bad things can happen to good people and it’s not always their fault. They need someone who will listen and offer encouragement. Just like the encouragement You have given us when You gave us Your Son to set us free. Your kindness is personal and You are merciful. You are caring and never overbearing.  Because of Your Son, You accept everyone.

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  1. Amen! ” we all were led to faith by someone who shared about God’s Son.”


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