Empower with Hopefulness

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What we say to others can affect their whole life. We need to be careful when accusing someone of wrong doing because like throwing out pieces of paper, the pieces of what we say will spread in the wind and we will be unable to gather up the trash we threw out.

We are now reading in Job 4-5 and we know the story of Job’s life. That God is testing Job. He has been a teacher, strengthened many, and an encourager but now trouble has come to him.

The speech of Job’s friend Eliphaz has some good advice when he emphasizes getting help from God when faced with troubled times.  Being considerate of others in their time of need is a virtuous deed. By pointing out the good they do and expressing the strengths you see in them, you empower them with needed hopefulness in troubled times.

Eliphaz has learned that God does the following:

  • Performs wonders and miracles
  • Provides rain
  • Lifts up those who are down
  • Thwarts the plans of evil
  • Saves the needy
  • Gives hope to the poor.

But Eliphaz doesn’t know the full story of Job like we do. Does the advice of Eliphaz assume that Job has done wrong and deserves to suffer? We all are born into a troubled world with much hardship and trouble so we can’t always assume that the person going through troubled time deserves it. We have to be careful in falsely accusing someone of doing something wrong. 

This day with You Lord, we ask that you help in using words that build others up. Not to tear them down because only You know what they are going through. We pray today that our words add to their life, are true, are kind, and point the world back to You. Amen.

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  1. Amen! “This day with You Lord, we ask that you help in using words that build others up.”


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