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From Beaumont in east Texas to El Paso in west Texas, it’s almost 900 miles. A person could leave Beaumont when the sun comes up and if they make good time, could arrive as the sun goes down in El Paso. This day with God, remember that as far as the east is to the west, He forgives and separates our sin from us.

This concept of separating sin from us is explained in Ephesians 2:1-10. God takes the initiative to offer grace. This gift of God enables the Spirit to wrap around our heart. This day, let us take the opportunity to open this gift from God and tell others what we’ve received.

The consequences of following the ways of the world is death but because of God’s great love for us, He has taken the initiative in saving us from these consequences by making us alive with Christ. It is by grace we have been saved (v. 5).

Some things in life just can’t be explained and we ask questions. The genius Albert Einstein said to never stop questioning. He was quoted one time to say that the important thing is to learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow.

Sometimes computers do weird things. I work with them as a part of my job and there are times when we can’t find a reason for an application not working. We just come up with a work around that usually involves a manual process to make the application do what it was intended to do until we can find a permanent fix. Sometimes the application faces contention with other applications or it’s running slow because of a recent software upgrade. The action taken many times is simply to reboot.

God through Christ gives us a reboot in life; we are refreshed, cleared, and ready to do what we were intended to do. The response for this gift of grace should be to do good works. To use our God given talent to help others by letting good works flow naturally out of who we have been made to be. Our good works demonstrate to others that we are His workmanship. We are not saved by works but for works. Our good works are a result of our salvation.1   

Lord, we understand that some things in life just can’t be explained but today we find rest in knowing that the arms of Your mercy have removed our transgressions as far as the east is from the west. You took the initiative and Your gift of love motivates us to use our talents. We start by doing small things and step by step, they turn into big things for Your glory. Amen

1Nicholes, Lou. “Recent Commentaries.” – Devotional Commentary Index. N.p., n.d. Web. <>.

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  1. That is it. Reboot! Waiting to reboot is useless. So thankful Jesus gives us a do over.


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