Learn and Affirm

This day with God, we seek out lessons to learn and that affirm us as His child. Then we seek others that need encouragement. Every achievement in human history at one time had backing from others. It may have been a teacher, a parent, or mentor that helped the person toward the achievement. Everything we do can have an impact if we love others and help them to accomplish their full potential.

Reading today in Ruth 3 we see that Naomi encouraged Ruth towards accomplishment of her full potential for God’s glory. As a widow, Ruth had needs and there was a legal procedure set up in society during that time where guardian-redeemers would help relatives of widows satisfy those needs.

Naomi began to give Ruth information and instructions on what to do. To get Boaz interested in Ruth, Naomi had a plan so she told Ruth to put on her best cloths and perfume. Then she instructed her to go over to the threshing floor where Boaz would be sleeping next to the grain to protect it from being stolen.

She told Ruth to slip in quietly where Boaz was sleeping, uncover his feet, and lie down at his feet so Ruth followed her instructions. During the night, Boaz woke up and noticed that someone was at his feet. Once Boaz found out the identity of the woman at his feet, he was happy that it was Ruth. She was known as a woman of noble character and Boaz respected her.

Boaz was very encouraging to Ruth with praise and respect for her. We can all learn and affirm others by following the example of Boaz. When people come to us with emotional and social needs, we should try our best to help them reach their full potential.

Lord, we pray for learning from and affirming each other today. Help us to become all You want us to be and help us to use the abilities You’ve given us for Your glory. Help us to be an encouraging friend to others. Each person is of great value to You and a treasure that is loved beyond measure. Amen

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  1. So thankful for the example of Ruth. What a great woman of faith.


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