Glean Food for the Soul

The harvest is ready and today we glean food for the soul.  As you read Ruth 2, keep in mind about ways to be helpful to each other as neighbors helping neighbors. Striving to be accountable, thoughtful, and helpful to all in a personal way for the glory of the ONE who is merciful.

The immediate need for Naomi and Ruth was for food so Ruth went to glean a field which was a common way to help the poor. They were allowed to pick up the leftover grain behind the harvesters.

Boaz was the owner of the field in which they were harvesting. He was an encourager and was kind to Ruth. He explained to her that he had heard about what she had done for Naomi. He let her gather more grain than usual and told her to come back until all the grain was harvested.

Has anyone shown you special kindness?

I remember back in high school. My dad took a job and we moved to a town about two hours away. I’m reminded of a friend who took me in when I moved to this town. He introduced me to people and invited me to various activities.

I knew a few people because my parents had lived in the town growing up and I would visit my grandparents during the summers. I had known this friend from childhood because our parents were friends since they were in grade school. Our families would spend time together on weekends and even went on a few vacations together.

Thinking about today’s passage, there is no better friend we have than Jesus. When we become aware of how much God cares for us through His Son Jesus, we know we have someone that truly cares.

Lord, with You we have someone who cares. You love us and forgive us and this inspires us to forgive. We may go through extreme difficulty much like Naomi and Ruth but things will be alright. From the early morning through each night, You care and we know You will provide for our needs. Amen

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  1. Great insight this morning. Amen, “there is no better friend we have than Jesus.”


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