Pathway to Dreams

This day with God will be amazing because we are totally focused on the purpose of this journey with organization, documentation, and affirmation. New thoughts are given, ideas are brought out, and a pathway to dreams without a doubt.

Reading today in Ruth 1, famine had hit Bethlehem in Judah so a family with two boys moved to the region called Moab. They felt like outsiders because they worshiped the ONE true God and the he people of Moab worshiped idols.

After some time, the father died so this left the two sons to help their mother. They eventually married girls from Moab. Ten years later, the sons died so this left their mother named Naomi along with her daughter-in-laws to fend for themselves.

At this point, Naomi faced hardship. Many today face hardship as they easily fall into the trap of believing God turns against them as bitterness sets in with the affliction and misfortune that they’ve gone through along the journey of life.

Naomi heard that the famine was over in Judah so she decided to head back to her homeland. The Moab daughters-in-law followed her but along the way, Naomi told them to return to Moab. She said that they were still young and said they could find another husband and that they had their whole life before them.

One daughter-in-law named Orpah returned to Moab but Ruth decided to follow her mother-in-law. She made the unselfish choice to follow as a true loyal friend to Naomi. The question must be asked, “Are we making a commitment to our family of believers”? Are we making choices for ourselves or do we put God first in our life?

There is nothing more important than following God’s will. Ruth knew she was following God’s will and we know today that she was right on target. We each need to work towards a future that gives us an aim in life that makes us feel important and there’s nothing more important than following God’s will. 

Father God, we believe that You’ve given each of us a purpose. Each of us has got what it takes to know the mission in our life and the resolve to carry it to fruition. Your plan for us gives us each the power of the Holy Sprint and when we mix this power with the principles taught by Christ, we each can be led on this pathway to dreams and a future beyond our imagination. Amen.

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  1. Love the story of Ruth. This is it: “There is nothing more important than following God’s will.”


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