The decisions we make have a big impact on the future and that’s why we need to have the right information. The best way to achieve this aim is to constantly get direction from God’s Word as we take in the instructions given. Reading today in 1 Samuel 29, we come full circle with David in a situation where he is fighting against the Israelites.

Once, a hero for the Israelites, he is now with the Philistine army.  Noted is that the Philistine army leaders would not let David fight for them because they were concerned that David would turn on them to get in good standing with Saul. Since they would not be allowed to fight, David and his men went back to the Philistine territory where they had been living.

So David was spared the predicament of possibly fighting in battle against the Israelites. Think of circumstances in your past when placed in a predicament where you suddenly could be fighting on the side of the enemy. Be thankful that our Father knows what is best and sets things up for us to get us out of the predicaments we put ourselves into.

God can deliver from bad situations and help so we don’t just follow the crowd but make wise decisions based on good information. Using our experiences of the past and following the prompting of the Spirit help in our decisions so we can find solutions to difficult problems.

This day with You Lord, we pray that our disappointments can be turned around so there are more enjoyments. Help us in our decisions through the lessons we learn from the Word, the Holy Spirit speaking to us, and the experience we go through so we follow the Way. Amen.

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  1. Thanks for the morning encouragement. Love this: “God can deliver from bad situations and help so we don’t just follow the crowd but make wise decisions based on good information.”

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