Friendships are important and as we go through life, what we help make happen for others is a truly rewarding experience. If we are kind and encourage others in difficult circumstances, they will return this kindness and encouragement by helping us through our life challenges.

This thought is brought out in 1 Samuel 20 as Jonathan’s friendship with David was remarkable as he would do whatever David wanted him to do (v. 4). He showed kindness toward David and helped to protect David from his father who wanted to kill David.

We are placed many times throughout life into difficult circumstances. The enemy is constantly plotting against us but we can trust God to overrule our circumstances and there are friends that can help along the way. Just like Jonathan who helped David when Saul was going to kill him by being kind enough to work a plan with David so that a signal could be given to David if in fact Saul was going to kill David.

Jonathan and David worked together against the plot of Saul by setting him up. They found out Saul’s true attitude towards David after David did not attend the New Moon feast. Saul was furious that David did not attend and he didn’t accept the story from Jonathan that David had left to go to Bethlehem for a family gathering.

Caring about others gives life true significance and there’s no better example than when Jonathan was there as a friend for David. Jonathan couldn’t have peace and joy until there was peace and joy for David too!

This day with You God, we see that kindness is personal like You who are merciful. Sometimes we are helpless to our enemies but we have a friend in You that is thoughtful and helpful. You are caring and never overbearing. For You gave Your Son for us so we can have eternal peace and joy.

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  1. What a great model for friendship we find with Jonathan and David. Thanks for the great insight.


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