The Way of Truth

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We have observed in our journey through 1 Samuel that Saul tried to kill David several times because he was jealous of David.  Saul lived according to his mood at the moment whereas David lived according to God’s Way.

We can be thankful that God’s plan for us is the way of Truth.  Today as we read 1 Samuel 19,  Jonathan convinces Saul that he should not kill David because David had benefited him in killing Goliath to win a great victory for Israel so Saul took an oath to not put David to death (v. 6).

This oath stood for a while but after David continued to have success, Saul’s jealousy caused him to want to kill David again so he threw a spear at him while he played the harp. When this failed, Saul set up a plot to have him killed by his men at David’s house but David’s wife named Michal warned him and covered for him by tricking Saul’s men. This allowed David to escape before they could carry out their plot.

David was a man who prayed and a man with integrity who wanted direction from God. These qualities of David were obtained by what he practiced in life. They were not obtained by what he professed but by living according to the true principles of God who accepts us as His child, protects us, and blesses beyond what we can imagine.

This day with You Lord we pray that our spiritual life will not be determined by erratic and unstable emotions but that that our life plan lines up with Your plan. Give us a desire to fit into what You want in our life so we can be useful to Your purpose. You give us the Holy Spirit, grace, and power to grow each day toward the way of Truth. Today, we study Your Word, pray, and live for the purpose You have for us.

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  1. Amen! “We can be thankful that God’s plan for us is the way of Truth.” So thankful for our Master Jesus who is the truth.


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