Ordinary Shepherds

This poem was inspired from a sermon series called “Ordinary People, Extraordinary God” delivered by Pastor Ryan Barnett on 12-22-2019. The shepherds were ranked lowly in society but were chosen by God to come just as they were. Smelly shepherds to witness the birth of the Savor and tell others. They then returned to their sheep to do what they had done before but in a different way. Doing their job in an extraordinary way to bless the world in extraordinary ways. So keep your head held high, experience His grace, and enthusiastically honor an extraordinary God in the same way.

Step Ahead

Shepherds keeping The flocks by night And an angel appears From the sky so bright. Saying now is the time To bring restoration And Good news for all In exultation. Without hesitation, They went to the manger To find the Savior; A real game changer. Wrapped in swaddling cloth In a humble place Where all could enter Like the throne of grace. All were welcome, There was plenty of room To greet the ONE Who could take away gloom! For they came into The smelly stable Just as they were But ready and able. To share the Good News And fill all with joy Of God’s new plan He would deploy. So take courage this day To share what you know; Life experiences And the light you glow. Keeping your head held high, Accepting His grace, Giving glory to the ONE That helps run the race. Continuing to do All…

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