Ordinary Joseph

This poem was inspired from a sermon series called “Ordinary People, Extraordinary God” delivered by Pastor Ryan Barnett on 12-15-2019. Joseph was a righteous man and had a call to justice by saying yes to being the earthly father of Jesus. He learned about these qualities of integrity from God who lovingly said yes to each of us so that He dwells among us, accepts us as His Child, and gives blessings that we can only imagine.

Step Ahead

Ordinary Joseph
Was used to fill a need
And with obedience
He would proceed.

For the Angel told him 
It was okay
To take Mary as wife
Even in dismay.

Joseph faithfully
Said yes to the call
Setting in motion
A plan for us all.

That God may dwell
Among us today
Emmanuel with us
Showing the Way.

More Blessings today
Ready to accrue
Because of God’s love
Saying yes to you!

Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-24-2019
Inspired by Sermon of Ryan Barnett – December 15, 2019Image Source

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