The Heart of David

One night a lady came home from her weekly prayer meeting, found she was being robbed, and she shouted out, “Acts 2:38: ‘Repent and be baptized and your sins will be forgiven.‘” The robber quickly gave up and the lady called the police. While handcuffing the criminal, a policeman said to the robber, “Gee, you gave up pretty easily. How come you gave up so quickly?” The robber said, “She said she had an axe and two 38’s!”1

This day with God, we can have confidence in the weapons He provides to protect us from anything or anyone that wants to rob the important things in our life. Our giants may not be Goliath like we read about today in 1 Samuel 17 but other enemies we face like fear, pride, bad relationships, bad habits, financial difficulties, bad health, depression, etc.

We note today in our reading that the Philistines and Israelites were at war. The Spirit of the Lord was not with the Israelites or Saul their king and a champion of the Philistines was a giant (9’9” tall) named Goliath who challenged the Israelites for forty days to a one on one fight against any of their men. The winner’s side would rule against the loser’s side; serving them and being subject to them.

David had certain strengths God had given him to prepare for the fight against the giant named Goliath. He had experience in how to keep his father’s sheep as he defended them against lions and bears. He also had developed a skill in the use of a sling but it was his heart that was his greatest strength. Building up our heart is a great asset and the best way to achieve “The Heart of David” is to apply the principles of God’s word.

So this day with God, let us have confidence in the weapons He has provided to fight our giants in life. Let us keep doing what we think is right even when facing criticism. Each day, let us gain knowledge in God’s word so we are prepared for the challenges of each day knowing that God will help make the impossible possible.

This Day with You Lord, help us to recognize the help You provide in our daily battles. Our faith in You will bring victories over our giants in life and encourage those around us. Your Spirit lives in us and we listen to Your voice of truth that provides confidence in the unlimited potential available to do amazing things for Your glory. Amen.

1“Jokes – Your Daily Dose of Really Funny Jokes: Laugh Factory.” Jokes – Your Daily Dose of Really Funny Jokes | Laugh Factory,

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4 Responses to The Heart of David

  1. Love it. “She said she had an axe and two 38’s!”

    We need God’s weapons.


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