Confidence in the Lord

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. – Philippians 4:13

The post “Boldly Going to Places that No One Else will Go” gave us an example of the Bible character named Jonathan who had confidence and this assurance influenced the men around him so that victory over the enemy became possible. Confidence in the Lord helps settle the past and determine the future. It provides the foundation of courage to assist us as we start a bold adventure and directs our steps to greatness.

Be inspired by the song The Great Adventure by Steven Curtis Chapman and receive God’s amazing grace. Saddle up because there’s a trail to blaze and a life like no other. A life of adventure and things to explore because that’s what we’re created for.

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3 Responses to Confidence in the Lord

  1. Good morning brother. Thanks for the great insight. “Confidence in the Lord helps settle the past and determine the future.” May we have confidence in our Master Jesus.


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