Boldly Going to Places that No One Else will Go

Photo Source – Bing Images

The further you go to west Texas, you start to see low range of mountains like the ones in this photo which was taken near Abilene Texas at Buffalo Gap. The small town has a frontier history and you can see in the photo that it got its name from a wide gap in the Callahan Divide which is a low range of mountains where buffalo herds traveled. It was a point on the Great Western Cattle Trail. Today, it has a few restaurants and art handicraft shops and caters to tourists.

As we adventure into God’s Word today in 1 Samuel 14, we will document what happened in the past to gain experience for the future and have faith in a bright future ahead. With Christ in your heart, there is eternity to look forward to and it only gets better each day.

We note in today’s reading that Jonathan and his armor-bearer went through a gap between two cliffs toward the Philistine outpost. Jonathan was bold and had confidence that the Lord would determine the day’s outcome. Throughout today’s reading, Jonathan makes statements that show his confidence in the Lord.

In verse 6, he makes statements like, “Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving us”! When going up against the enemy, he said, “That will be our sign that the Lord has given them into our hands (v. 10). When facing his father Saul about going against the oath he laid on the people, Jonathan made the statement, “I tasted a little honey with the end of my staff. And now I must die (v. 43).” He was not worried about his fate because he knew God was with him.

Because of his faith, Jonathan’s boldly went to places that no one else would go and his confidence influenced the men around him so that victory over the enemy became possible. Confidence in the Lord settles the past and determines the future. It provides the foundation of courage to assist us as we start a bold adventure which directs our way along the road to greatness.

With God, available is a power greater than any other power. The optimism from our faith will not only impact our own life but those around us too. The most incredible times are the result of carrying out God’s purpose. We are living a great adventure and we are building memories today that can be the greatest joys of our life.

This day with You Lord, we are living a great adventure. Some days may be difficult but we are optimistic that something good will emerge. Out of intense difficulties, You Lord can make simplicities emerge. No problem or challenge is too big for You Lord so we are confident that the past will be settled and the future will be amazing.

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3 Responses to Boldly Going to Places that No One Else will Go

  1. Wow! Here is the truth. “Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving us”!

    That is the real deal. Thanks for the morning encouragement.

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