Climbing to New Heights

Accomplishment is not always about ability but more about reliability. Being persistent in getting out there and sticking to it knowing that the problems along the way will give opportunities to look down upon the landscape with brand new perspectives.

Reading today in 1 Samuel 9, Saul’s father lost his donkeys and he sent Saul to look for them. This sets off a chain of events that changes Saul’s life forever. Saul was having a difficult time trying to find the donkeys and was almost ready to give up but his servant suggested to talk to a man of God in the town. The man turned out to be Samuel who gave Saul a message from God about his destiny.   

We all go through times that we think are set-backs but then they turn out to be times for a new direction in our life. This new direction turns out to be a turning point of major importance. So never give up because what we see as problems may turn out to be opportunities that lead us to an amazing destiny. 

We are limited in our understanding of our circumstances but God sees the big picture for our future so trust in His power to carry out the plan. If we keep going, there will be a breakthrough because things will be set up and our prayer will set in motion God’s supernatural power. Take in the instructions received, set out to do the task He gives, and give Him the credit for what is accomplished.

Lord, this day we are looking from a new perspective. We’ve gained more insight from Your Word to help in our future. We are thankful for those who have gone before us to show us the way. Your power takes over when we feel weak so we don’t give up but keep climbing to new heights and look at things from the vista of hope. We may come from a lowly place of very little importance but with You, we reach new heights. Amen

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3 Responses to Climbing to New Heights

  1. Thanks for the great encouragement. This is it: “We all go through times that we think are set-backs but then they turn out to be times for a new direction in our life.”

    Very thankful for new directions.

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