Admit It to Fix It

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There is a battle going on every day and sometimes there is a need to slow down and depend on God. We need to admit corruption to fix it and God is the only one that can bring righteousness. Because of acceptance of Christ in our heart, a fresh flow of integrity clears the pollution of the soul like an ever-flowing stream to freedom.

Reading today in Judges 20, the Levite conveys that Israel had reached a point of total moral decay. His communication was effective as the men of Israel decided to make a stand and make a plan to hold the tribe of Benjamin accountable by going to battle against them for the rape and murder of the Levites’ concubine.

There is a progression of their dependency on God. The Israelites were losing their battle with the Benjamites but they turned to God for direction. At first they simply ask if they should fight the Benjamites. Then when they continued to lose men, they prayed for direction, fasted, and presented burnt offerings to the Lord. The Lord then gave them a plan to ambush the Benjamites and they struck down 25,100 Benjamite soldiers.

The take away from today’s passage is that removing Godly principles from our life has disastrous effects. This action of the people of Israel shows that even without leadership, they had a certain amount of understanding between right and wrong. They turned to God for leadership and planned out their strategy to go up against the tribe of Benjamin.

This day with You Lord, help us deal with problems now before they grow out of control. You are big enough to make wrongs right so that’s why we come to You now in prayer. If there are adjustments that need to be made in our life, we are listening and want to take the steps needed as we grow each day to meet Your high standards. Amen

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  1. Thanks for the morning insight! How true: “The take away from today’s passage is that removing Godly principles from our life has disastrous effects.”


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