Our Responsibility in Kingdom Building

This poem encourages us to stick to God’s plan and bring Him glory as we continue the journey step by step.

Step Ahead

Continue this journey 
Step by faithful step
And determine
How you can help.

Find your assignment
In kingdom building
For God’s glory
In soul winning.

To accomplish 
Amazing feats,
Discover this gift
And fill the seats.

The Lord is inside 
By the Holy Spirit
To fulfill the plan
So take care of it.

There is confidence
Stepping ahead
With the Good News
Assured to spread.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 08-05-2021
Inspired by
“Our Responsibility in Kingdom Building”
Photo - Taken at my church. In this photo, many gifts are being exhibited from the choir in front of the church to those behind the scenes doing technical sound and video presentation.

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