Our Responsibility in Kingdom Building

As we continue this journey step by step, Numbers 18 arranges the various responsibilities surrounding the tent of meeting. Aaron was to be the leader of the priestly family along with his sons who were responsible for the sanctuary and the priesthood. The Levites were to assist in the work involved with the tent of meeting, the furnishings, and the altar.

Aaron and his sons would receive the offerings from the people. The first fruits of their harvest which included the finest olive oil, new wine, and grain. Also, the meat offerings from livestock. The Levites would receive all the tithes in Israel in return for the work they did while serving at the tent of meeting.

The take away from this passage is the need to determine our responsibility in kingdom building. In current times, the Lord doesn’t dwell in the tent of meeting but inside each of us by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we should take care of our bodies so we can fulfill God’s Plan for Us.

God has made each of us to accomplish amazing feats and it is up each individual to discover this gift God has given, accept the responsibility, and let God do the rest. There is a poise and calmness when we just accept our lot in life, let go, and allow God to be in control.

Our individual strength is not in being like everyone else but in being who we are; a precious child of God. God is with us and His Spirit abides in us so we have unlimited potential because God has unlimited potential. It is up to us to realize how God can use us for His purposes.

The body of Christ coalesce the diverse gifts of Christians. Through the Spirit, we are to discover our gift for the express purpose of kingdom building. The photo below was taken at my church. In this photo many gifts are being exhibited from the choir in front of the church to those behind the scenes doing technical sound and video presentation.


This day with You Lord, we ask that You show us Your plan for our life. To discover our strengths so we may each offer them to You in all we do. Help us to do amazing things with ease by using our individual gifts You have given us, accepting our responsibility, and letting You do the rest. We have faith that You will bring success and all will be blessed. Amen.

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