Keep Focusing on the Destination

Refresh your memories about what God has done and be absorbed in knowing about His Word so you are equipped for victory as you go through each day. Then transfer His character into the world. This poem was written to help you focus on your ultimate eternal destination.

Step Ahead

The journey through life 
Is not always easy
Thinking of hard times,
The stomach is queasy.

But things will work out
As you prioritize
Into God’s plan
To reach new highs.

By focusing more 
On your destiny,
You’ll hand off to others
A great legacy.
Spiritual resources
For generations
To make places flourish
In many nations.

So think of the most
Beautiful place;
Then think of God’s
Amazing grace.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 07-15-2021
Inspired by
“Keep Focusing on the Destination”
Photo – After graduating from college, I took a few weeks to travel through Europe. The photo is of a quant village in the Swiss apps. 

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