Act of Devotion

This poem was written to inspire persevering during dark times by relying on a power inside that is greater than we could ever imagine as we stay focused on the Way of the Lord rather than worldly pleasures.

Step Ahead

Lake Waco

Press on during dark times 
And get closer to the Lord
Rather than on worldly pleasures
That keep you off guard.

Giving a little extra 
Changes everything
So dig a little further
Into what faith does bring.

An extra hour each day
Changes the temperature
Going through the seasons
From winter to summer.

So does an extra hour
Of daily devotion
Warm the heart each day
And sets your faith in motion.

For warmer days ahead,
Get on the path that is clear
And step ahead each day
As you persevere.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 05-13-2021
Inspired by
“Act of Devotion”
Photo - Sunset at Lake Waco

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