Act of Devotion

This day with God will be amazing because we will set out to go the extra mile as we are devoted to the study His word and finding ways to apply it to our life. Reading today in Numbers 6:1-21, there were three main instructions for the person making the Nazarene vow. They must not drink alcohol or even grapes, shave or cut their hair, and not go near a dead body.

Taking the Nazarene vow was an act of devotion as they constantly worked at being sanctified. They were giving it their best shot at getting closer to God and being separated from sin. Samson is one that took this vow that inspired disciplined focus on God rather than on worldly pleasures. The requirements for the Nazarene vow were strict because God is perfect and to offer one’s life without reserve to God requires extreme actions.

The remedy for breaking the oath was a sin offering and burnt offering as atonement. Once the period of dedication had been finished, the procedure was to take to the tabernacle a burnt offering, sin offering, and peace offering. These were also accompanied with a grain offering and drink offering. The mark of a saint is not perfection, but consecration.

Just like the extra given when one took the Nazarene vow, giving a little extra can change our lives today. Think about how one extra hour of daylight changes the temperature on average from 30, 40, 50 degrees in the winter to 80 or 90 degrees in the summer. The difference from a cold winter to the warmth of spring and summer is similar to having Christ is in our life. An extra hour of devotion will warm your heart every day for a brighter future.

This day with You Lord, help us to press on. During dark times, You sent Christ into the darkness to save the day. There are times of challenge but You inspire us to stick it out and persevere. You spur us on with thoughts and ideas like in today’s passage to give You more and less for ourselves. We rely on a power inside that is greater than we could ever imagine as we stay focused on Your Way rather than on worldly pleasures. Amen.

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