Inspiration to Aspiration

Reading in Mark 14:32-65, Jesus was in deep distress because he knew the time was near to fulfill his purpose on the cross. He prays at the Garden of Gethsemane while Peter, James, and John were supposed to keep watch nearby. The prayer of Jesus in verse 36 is complete as he expresses his hopes in prayer but accepts the fact that his own desires may not coincide with God’s will. If only more had this attitude of submission to God’s plan rather than their own desires.

When Jesus returns to Peter, James, and John, they were asleep rather than keeping watch. Imagine the feelings of Jesus as those he thought he could depend on were not able to do one simple request. The spirit is willing and the flesh is weak but with God, there is strength in weakness.

We can take this strength to make a stand for what is decent and right. It will take poise under extreme pressure but like the example of Jesus during the trial in verses 53-65, our poise confirms our desire to follow God’s plan for us rather than our own plan. We should just keep doing what we can with confidence knowing God will handle the complexities resulting in the amazing happening.

When we aspire to follow God’s plan, we will pray like Jesus did. This will give us instructions for the tasks that need to be accomplished, the ability to keep going towards that purpose God has for us, the determination to overcome the difficulties, and the encouragement we will need to accomplish the victory.

We have some good days and some bad days! That’s why there is a need to store up encouraging or inspiring thoughts that may come from things like photos, poetry, scripture, or music. The photo below of Lake Tahoe reminds me how the water collects from rain or from melting snow to create this amazing lake. In the same way, by praying each day we can replenish our soul with instructions, with encouragement, and with confidence that we can fulfill the purpose God has for us.

This day with You Lord, we feel Your presence as we set aside this time of learning about Your way and have a time of prayer. We are at peace and will have the poise like we learned today about the poise of Jesus. Good things will happen in our life because of our determined desire and ongoing commitment to fulfilling the purpose You have for us. Right now, the momentum for our life is building and we know that victory is near. Amen.

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4 Responses to Inspiration to Aspiration

  1. Excellent insight this morning. Love this: “That’s why there is a need to store up encouraging or inspiring thoughts that may come from things like photos, poetry, scripture, or music.”

    Blessings for an inspiring day.


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