Questions for Reflection for Study of Romans 9-11

This day with God, know that you have a role to play because you have will and will is more important than skill. Choose to be on God’s side for He is always right. All winning teams have a game plan and the reading plan below will be used as I share over the next few weeks. Let us be thankful that Jesus is God’s plan for us and by accepting Him as Savior; we have taken the steps necessary to make this day with Him amazing!

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Romans 9:1-24
In what ways does Paul establish his truthfulness? What concern do you have for the truthfulness of what you say? Does God exist for our purposes or vice versa?

Romans 9:25-33
What is the relation of human responsibility to the sovereignty of God? What is the ironical situation concerning Jews and Gentiles? Are you yielding to God’s will?

Romans 10:1-10
What is Paul’s action here? Where is true righteousness found? What must a person do to be saved?

Romans 10:11-17
What is the reason God justifies Jews and Gentiles in the same way (See 3:29-30)? What is involved in to call upon the name of the Lord? What is the content of what must be preached?

Romans 10:18-21
How does Paul show that hearing does not produce faith? How are faith and hearing related in your life? To what extent is the gospel heard (See 1:19-20, Ps. 19)?

Romans 11:1-6
What is God’s action on part of the remnant (See Ro 9:27)? Characterize God’s Grace and how is it antithetical to works (See Ro 9:11)? What is your response to our God of Grace?

Romans 11:7-16
Who are the first fruits and root (See v. 28)? Is God’s rejection of Israel total? Final? What qualities of God are revealed here?

Romans 11:17-24
Who are the root and natural branches? What has happened to some of the branches? Why? What is your attitude toward your part in God’s plan? Why?

Romans 11:25-36
What is God’s mystery concerning Jews and Gentiles? In what ways will you share your knowledge of God’s mystery with others today? In the future?


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2 Responses to Questions for Reflection for Study of Romans 9-11

  1. mabellgibbs says:

    Ail establishes his truthfulness about the Lord through the words inspired by God to be spoken by prophets for many generations and written by scribes to document those messages which were spoken by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


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