Planting Good Seeds

The basic values affirmed in the laws found in Deuteronomy 23 – 24 are purity, integrity, generosity, and kindness. Any exploitation was forbidden like taking advantage of people, overcharging, or mistreatment.

We are to fill up our life with wholesomeness, goodness, and other constructive values. Then we are to draw on these positives to step ahead in our everyday life with our family, our neighbors, and anyone in need.

To be a champion and claim your victory, here is a link to a process that will help determine values, priorities, roles to play, plans of action, encouragement, and a way to document or evaluate: Link.

Lord, help us to plant good seeds for the Spirit. To grow in knowledge and wisdom by studying Your Word, praying for understanding, and living out our faith. Throughout our journey, we seek to take in the lessons learned and the experiences gained in order to increase our faith and share with others. Amen.

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3 Responses to Planting Good Seeds

  1. Amen! We all need more purity, integrity, generosity, and kindness in our lives. So very thankful to Jesus that he leads us to that through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Blessings for the great insight this morning.

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