The Fruits of the Spirit

Plant good seeds and the good food of the Spirit will bring rich blessings. Continue the sense of wonder the gospel offers for you daily and share with others. The enthusiasm will be contagious and the harvest will be plentiful.  – Galatians 6:10

The post “Planting Good Seeds” emphasized the need to take in what is good for your Spirit. Then the fruits of the Spirit will give power to step ahead in your everyday life with your family and neighbors.

Like the song Confidence by Sanctus Real, seek to gain faith like Daniel in the lion’s den. To acquire hope like Moses in the wilderness and the heart like David. Let the Lord be your defense so you can face your giants with confidence.

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1 Response to The Fruits of the Spirit

  1. Great insight. Good seeds lead us to the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

    Thanks for the morning inspiration.


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