Desolation to Restoration

God helps us overcome the difficulties we face by providing us with a model to follow in His Son Jesus Christ. Take inspiration from this poem to help apply your faith in the New Year. The new covenant with God changes our way of life and our thinking.

Step Ahead

 Difficult days faced
 Going from desolation
 But things fall in place
 To restoration

 Because of the Savior
 I learn His ways
 To change behavior
 To give Him praise

 As I pray for help
 You will carry me
 To a place of joy
 And set me free

 In a sun-scorched land
 Needs are satisfied 
 Reservoirs of water
 Far and wide

 Like memories
 Of glorious scenery
 The power of grace
 Fuels my energy  
 Poem by Mark Shields – © 12-24-2020
 Inspired by “This Day with God Devotional – Desolation to Restoration“

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1 Response to Desolation to Restoration

  1. Amen! May “The power of grace fuel my energy”.

    Blessings for a stunning 2021.


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