Desolation to Restoration

This day with God, things will fall into place because of His grace. Because of the Savior, there is a change in behavior; following where He leads and doing good deeds; accepting the truth and teaching our youth; learning His ways and giving Him praise.

Reading today in Hebrews 8:7-13, explained are the reasons for God initiating the new covenant. The old covenant continues to exist but a better Way has been provided to accomplish the old covenant as Jesus restores humanity from a place of desolation to restoration.

The old covenant was inadequate for bringing salvation because the people were not faithful and it was difficult for them to follow so they sought other ways. God overcomes this difficulty faced in humanity by providing someone to follow. He provided His Son as an example to follow. This new covenant results in salvation to all who accept Jesus Christ so the Holy Spirit can help lead along the journey of life.

The new covenant is fueled by the power of God’s grace. It is not in the following of laws but desiring the law so that it is ingrained inside and pleases the soul. People then automatically do as God pleases because the new Way becomes a part of who they are.

The baggage from the past that weighs one down is released so the impediments, barriers, and obstacles no longer have the same effect. Through prayer, there is power for these obstacles to be set aside because a person is not doing it on their own but has a team behind them.

So give praise today. Seek to be uplifted by memories, by what the future might bring, and by our victory in Jesus. Be excited each day. Many times we think that exciting things in life are far away and we have to spend money for vacations far away to see beautiful things but in reality, exciting things may be right in your back yard. A sunset, a sunrise, wildlife, or birds in the sky.

A golden sunset that pierces through and colors the clouds may give an inspiring lift after a difficult day. The picture below of a sunset was taken only about three miles from my house at Woodway Park in Waco Texas. It’s the first time I’ve been to the park. There may be hidden treasures near you today that you can seek and get excited about.

Lord, You are with us always as we face challenges each day. You are unlimited and a part of this unrestrained ability is in everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ. With Christ, we can endure distress because we know You will bless. We can grow, change, share, and rearrange as you pick up the slack. We increase the pace along the journey because of the powerful fuel for our bodies that we take in called grace. Amen.

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