Reflecting On The Way

A guy was on his way home from work. His wife called him and told him to be careful because she saw on the news that some lunatic was driving the wrong way on the interstate. He says to his wife, it’s worse than that … there are hundreds of them.

Reading today in Mark 7:1-13, noted is how the Pharisees were similar to the man above. They were irritated about others going the wrong way when they themselves were headed in the wrong direction. They were complaining about the disciples eating without the human tradition of ceremonial washing. Not only washing their hands but cups, pitchers, and kettles.

Examining the Pharisees in today’s passage, we gain insight into the fact that they had developed their own human rules over the years. Jesus tells them they were setting aside the commands of God in order to observe their own traditions (v. 9)! He tells them they were nullifying the word of God with their own laws.

Jesus accuses the Pharisees of pretending to be holy by following their made up rules rather than depending on God’s way to holiness. Some traditions may be good but we should not have them because that’s the way things have customarily been done. We should have them because that’s what God tells us to do. Then we will discover that what God tells us to do through the Holy Spirit is how things fall into place for greatest success.

To use scripture effectively, let us depend on the clear way of Jesus. Not depending on the world were our thoughts become blurred. Like a small ripple in the water, reflecting on God’s truths and sharing with others grows to make a large impact not only in current times but for eternity.

When we pray and develop a game plan each day with God, there is confidence because we know that we will do the right things that lead to the greatest accomplishment.

This day with You Lord, we reflecting on Your Way. We embrace Your grace which sets us free and gives us power to be transformed from the inside out towards holiness. We are challenged each day but persevere and grow in character as we follow Your Way so that every moment becomes a building block to accomplishment as we step ahead. Amen.

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