The Power of Faith

We gain experience in life by observing the things around us. We learn about gravity and when we drop something, it falls to the ground. When we go into deep water, we sink. When we are told bad news and things seem to be impossible like the examples today in the passage Mark 5:21-43, many just accept and go on about their business. But the impossible becomes possible with the author of “Good News”. He has command of physics … He has command of life and death.

Jesus believes every person is important and goes out of His way to heal a person. In today’s passage, Jesus is told about a sick girl that needs healing. Jesus follows the girl’s father named Jairus who was a synagogue leader.

On the way through crowds of people, a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years touched the cloak of Jesus and was healed (v.24-29). Immediately the bleeding stopped and the suffering was gone. Her faith had healed.

We get evidence that Jesus has full knowledge of needs and is in control of situations. He knew that the woman had touched His cloak because He felt the power that had gone out from Him (v. 30). Most people would have continued to go through the crowd trying to get to the very sick girl but Jesus didn’t take it as an interruption. He was in total control of every situation.

Even though He was told the young girl had died, He knew otherwise and said she was only asleep (v. 39). He continued until He got to the girl and with just a few words, brought life back into the girl. Immediately the girl stood up and began to walk around (v. 42).

Because of our faith, we too can respond to interruptions and delays with composure. As we learn more of Jesus’ control and authority, we become more anchored to our faith. We gain power from Jesus and can take on the challenges before us.

If we feel we are in desperate situations, we can ask for help and with the same power demonstrated in today’s passage, the impossible can become possible. We can be strengthened, receive healing, gain courage, steadfastness, and be able to bear adversity in order to get through the challenges ahead.

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This day with You Lord, we have put some time into learning about the power of faith. Some things in life seem impossible but with You the author of Good News, the impossible suddenly becomes possible. We trust in You because You first loved us. We lay down our fears today and trust in Your call for us as we step ahead in faith knowing that Your power will be dispersed to make amazing things happen. Amen.

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