Beside Me to the Finish

Be assured of victory because of Jesus. It’s not anything we can do as individuals but by accepting Jesus as Savior, we have someone to lean on and help carry us to the finish line.

Step Ahead

The picture below is Derek Redmond who tore his hamstring while running the 400m in the ’92 Olympics. That’s Redmond’s father in the picture who came down from the stands to help him cross the finish line.

Our plans do not always work out but our Father in heaven has a plan that always works out and is there for us too!

No one wins all the time
Because some are hamstrung,
Some are hobbled
But with Jesus, all is won
So see the victory
And you will never fail
As grace will give power
For you to prevail.

With Jesus, we have a connection with the Father and He is beside us to finish the race victoriously.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 7-23-2020
Photo Credit – Bing Images

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