The Humility of Abraham

As recorded in Genesis 23, Sarah died at the age of 127. Abraham needed a place to bury Sarah but he had never owned a piece of land in his life. He humbly and pleasantly asked if he could purchase some land as a burial site for his wife.

Ephron the Hittite offered to give him some land for her burial but Abraham insisted that he purchase the piece of property.

An attribute of Abraham that we should all imitate is his humility. He wanted to pay for the burial site for Sarah rather than receive it as a gift. This aroused a response of respect and shows us a humble independence that any leader should imitate.

There is a difference between being humble and having an “inferiority complex”. Being humble is realizing that God has given certain talents and skills to each of us; understanding that we all need help in life but at the same time realizing that God can use our talents.

We should connect the power of God to people by respecting them, being interested in them, and trusting in their abilities. This day with God, let your light shine with humility; giving God the credit and looking at others as His child.

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