The Way of Jesus

This day with God, we continue on the journey towards internalizing the principles taught by Christ. Reading today in Mark 2:18 through 3-6, the Pharisees and other legalists were looking for opportunities to accuse Jesus of breaking the Old Testament Law. Instead of going the way of the Pharisees, Jesus emphasized the need to harness the power of the Spirit; the constant, calm, and collected breeze of the Holy Spirit which provides power now and into eternity.

Many of the external religious observances were to bring attention to self-righteousness. They were rituals of deception to make others think they were being devout instead of authentic expressions from their heart. The issue of fasting during certain days of the calendar is raised in verse 18. John’s disciples and the Pharisees were fasting but the disciples of Jesus were not so the legalists offered their criticism.

Working on the Sabbath was another issue raised. Jesus was criticized because His disciples were plucking grain as they walked through a wheat field on a Sabbath. There were no fences during those times so traveling through fields from place to place was common. On this occasion, the disciples were hungry so they plucked the grain from the field to eat. The Pharisees accused them of working on the Sabbath.

On another occasion, a man with a shriveled hand was in the synagogue and Jesus healed the man. The Pharisees considered healing on the Sabbath as working so they accused Jesus of breaking their legalistic beliefs. The Pharisees were held back by their man-made laws and traditions.

But Jesus was teaching another way. His Way is about doing what’s right, about real life and not getting caught up in ridiculous mindless man-made laws or ceremonies. Christianity is about expressing our faith by internalizing the principles taught by Christ so they are a natural part of who we are.

This day with You Lord, we know the best Way is Your Way. To internalize Your guiding principles which are essentials for life. There are things that come up in life that require us to make decisions based on no precedence. In our ever-changing world, we must rely on Your guiding principles. By studying Your Word, we are battle tested to take on the challenges we face and we can rest assured in knowing Your Way will lead us to where we need to go and help us be the people we need to be. Amen.


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