Keeping Our Eyes on the ONE Who Brings the Son Shine

Reading in Numbers 25, God was angry because some began to lose their focus and worship idols. Like many organizations, teams, or societies, it’s the lack of focus that has a way of causing havoc that causes the downfall.

In today’s passage, the men were interested in having sex with the Moabite women so they joined them in the sacrifices of their gods. Since the men desired fun and pleasure, they went along with the women to feasts and celebrations involving idol worship.

To deal with Israel’s sin, God told the judges to put to death those who had yoked themselves to Baal which is the god of fertility worshipped on Mount Peor. Also, He set in motion a plague that ultimately killed over 24,000 Israelites.

We are told in today’s passage that Zimri brought in a Midianite woman named Cozbi into camp and openly took her into his tent right before the eyes of Moses. Aaron’s grandson named Phinehas reached a boiling point and took action by taking a spear, going to the tent, and driving the spear through Zimri and into the stomach of Cozbi killing both of them.

There are some occasions especially when a standard of God is being violated that anger and taking action to right a wrong is justified. The passion for God’s honor demonstrated by Phinehas made atonement for the nation of Israel and turned God’s anger around. God’s response to Phinehas reveals that our God is for justice; He hates corruption but loves righteousness.

When organizations, teams, or societies lack focus on the ONE true God and worship idols, the result is havoc. There is a downfall that happens very fast much like the weather in Texas. In just a few hours, the weather in Texas can change very quickly as the photos below prove. The first photo was taken in the morning and the second photo was taken just hours later in the afternoon.

Each day can be that way in our life. From bad to good if we keep our eye on the ONE who brings the Son shine.

This day with You Lord, we put our total focus on You. Apart from You, there is nothing good but with You, there is everything we need. You have given us a way to restart our future. Within an instant, You can change things around for us if we focus on Your plan with Jesus Christ. By accepting Him as Savior, the future is beyond what we could ever imagine. Amen.

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