Refreshment for the Body and Soul

This day with God will be amazing because as we read Numbers 20  and use the questions for reflection, we will receive wisdom that will help in applying our faith. We will acquire inspiration to help in times of worry or anger. We will reminisce about good times or an old song to fill our thoughts with peace and joy.

Today, I’m reminiscing about a trip to England I took with a group from college in 1983. The photo below was taken on a Friday afternoon in Bath England as people started the weekend. We all need some time to refresh the body and soul; to relax, recharge, and get ready for the journey ahead.


The first item of reflection from today’s passage is how the Israelites complained again about being in a terrible place. There was no grain or figs, grapevines or pomegranates. And no water to drink! The people were thirsty after being led through the wilderness by Mosses, they complained and Mosses ask God for help. God told him to speak to a rock with all the people gathered together and it will pour out water.

Moses thought he needed the people to respect him as leader so instead of giving God the glory, he struck the rock as though he had all the power and water gushed out.  Instead of giving credit to God for this miracle, Moses and Aaron took credit; neglecting to mention that God had anything to do with this miracle.

Because of their disobedience, they would continue to face hardship. Edom would deny passage through the edge of their territory so they continued to digress on their journey. Later in the passage, the death of Aaron is recorded.

One take away from today’s reading is the need to overcome failure by surrendering all to God and letting Him take control. Instead of turning to our own abilities or to the world for help, we need to turn to God and honor Him when He pulls us out of tough circumstances.

One story I’m reminded of today is the story of Mike Lindell who had failed over and over in business. He’s the “MyPillow” guy you see on commercials. He failed in several small businesses, failed in his 20 year marriage, lost his house, and almost his MyPillow business earlier in life because of an addiction to cocaine and alcohol. He got back on track with prayer in 2009 and surrendering his life to Christ. Since then, the MyPillow business has grown into a major company with 1,600 employees and millions of pillows sold. 

This day with You Lord, we give You control. We surrender all and know that Your power is greater than our own abilities or any help from this world. We have a leader and You and we give You all the credit. We have physical and spiritual needs and we trust You will provide. You know what will benefit us more than we do. The grace You have given provides us with a clean slate so we have peace knowing that You are in control now and forever. Amen.

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