Impacting Lives

Pay attention to the world and disorder will expand to fill the void of human failure. Pay attention to God and order will fill the void with greatness. That’s why we daily turn to God’s Word for instruction, encouragement, true joy, and peace.

As we read Hebrews 3:7-19, let us remember the history of the children of Israel in Numbers 14 as they escaped Egypt and were in the wilderness. They were tired, hungry, and agitated. They were ready to give up but Moses and Aaron tried to encourage them to keep going and find rest by making it to the Promised Land. To make it to the Land flowing with milk and honey.

The people had turned away from God. Turned away from the joy and peace that God offers and their hearts were hardened. They were being tricked by sins deceitfulness and were not accepting the instruction given in His Word.

Things are not that much different today as we live in a world surrounded by the wasteland of information overload. If we are not careful, we get lost and we miss out on what we need to know. One thing’s for sure, paying attention to the Holy Spirit is vital in getting the information we need.

To prevent hardness of heart, we should have a daily devotional time, prayer time, and planning time as we set out to follow the Way each day. Allow enough time for the Word to soak into the heart and soul so the intangibles of faith can begin to overflow into tangible acts of kindness in the activities of our day.

Plan to play a part in providing the benefits of Christ in the lives of others by seeking ways to build others up and encourage them for their future. . Looking for opportunities to spur on a spouse, a child, or a colleague is never a wasted activity but impacts lives in ways only God knows. If we begin our day with this frame of mind, we will have taken the first step for a successful day.

This day with You Lord will be amazing because we have started this day with a devotional time and now are praying for Your help Lord as we plan out our day. We seek ways to encourage others today with the gospel message. To help them see You at work today by pointing out the beauty of the sunrise today or the evening sunset. By being a part of their day as they celebrate the birth of a child or grandchild, a birthday, a graduation, or retirement.  Keep us focused on what really matters most which is to reveal Your glory. Amen!

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