Emmanuel means
God is with you.
With you in difficulty;
Getting you through.

Emmanuel means
Nothing is impossible
For God is with you
And everything is possible.

Everything is possible
Even during doubt.
Just reach on out
And give Him a shout.

Everything is possible
Even when not seeing it
For the birth of Jesus
Makes the path lit.

Emmanuel means
That the unlikely
Can become likely
And the minor mighty.

Emmanuel means
He’s with you if worried
When all alone
Or when you are hurried.

Emmanuel removes
All the barriers;
Eliminating fear
Of any failures.

Emmanuel removes
Each and every doubt;
Eliminating hesitation
So you never back out.

Emmanuel removes
All that distresses;
Eliminating concern,
Taking away the stresses.

Emmanuel removes
All the restraints;
Eliminating all limitations
No more constraints.

Emmanuel means
He’s with you always
To carry out your purpose
For all your days.

By Mark Shields – © 12-25-2015
Inspired by Sermon
Image Source

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