Christmas Star

Just like the wise men
Looking for Jesus again
Gaze for a star today
To lead the way

Search with persistence
Even under resistance
The star may be a friend
Or new song to send

The star may be a sermon topic
Inspiring many to be philanthropic
The star may be a Bible verse
So negative thoughts disperse

Find what can’t be seen
The intangibles we glean
Invest in one another
To help us go further

And to be led to Jesus
The ONE born for all of us
So the Spirit is among us
Turning a negative to a plus

Born for the person next door
In need of being cared for
Born for a colleague
Distressed from fatigue

Receive the gift for our questions
As the Spirit gives suggestions
A gift for our struggles
And all our troubles

For the negative past is undone
By accepting His Son
Changing our behavior
And gaining His favor

By Mark Shields – © 12-11-2014

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2 Responses to Christmas Star

  1. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas. Blessings.


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